Monday, July 11, 2011

Bridgeport PLTI parents speaking out in local schools crisis

The state's announcement that it would be taking over the Bridgeport Board of Education prompted about two dozen city residents to meet at the Burroughs Community Center last week in an effort to sort out the widespread anger and confusion over the move. In the thick of things, of course, were local PLTI graduates.

A next-day article in the Connecticut Post quoted parent and PLTI graduate Zoila Vasconez. She was among the parents who expressed frustration over the problems that led to the state takeover. She said her children see what their friends in Milford and Fairfield have at their disposal at school and ask, "(w)hy don't we have the same opportunities as other kids in Connecticut?"

Photos accompanying the article show Vasconez and fellow PLTI'ers Carol Nunley, Richard Pezzella, Carolyn Vermont (facilitator), Lenore Lewis-Foreman, and Dorcas Blue.

H/T to Patti Keckeisen.