Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Liberty Bank Foundation touts PLTI on News Channel 8

The Liberty Bank Foundation has been a vital partner with the Commission on Children in supporting PLTI, and today the Foundation took the opportunity to explain the program on "Connecticut Style," the mid-day program aired by WTNH-TV, News Channel 8. Appearing with the Foundation's Betty Sugerman Weintraub were Donna Marino of the Middletown Public Schools and Ava Hart, 2002 PLTI graduate. Great job by everyone!

Liberty Bank Foundation: wtnh.com

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

10 parents graduate from Norwalk PLTI

Ten parents from Norwalk and surrounding towns graduated from PLTI last week, in a ceremony covered by the Hour of Norwalk.

The graduates are: Keri Arpino, Eva Beau, Dora Diaz, Mandrita Guha, Gloria Helenese, Randy Heller, Blanca Munoz, Jackie Ocampo, Marcela Talisse, and Blanca Velasquez.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

11 Milford parents graduate from PLTI

Milford got itself 11 new parent leaders on Monday, June 13, when 11 local parents graduated from PLTI. Mayor James Richetelli Jr. and state Representatives Kim Rose and Paul Davis were on hand to deliver remarks and congratulate the graduates.

There's a nice article about the graduation on Milford Patch
, complete with photos and a good description of the work these parents undertook to win their diplomas.

The graduates are Kristy Brown, Heather Contreras, Carla Farrace, Laura Fetter, Staci Godek, Melanie Hamilton, Stacy Lesperance, Jennifer Marchesseault, Maryellen Schoonmaker, Pritam Sule, and Michelle Zawadski.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hartford welcomes 16 new PLTI graduates

Sixteen proud Hartford parents received their PLTI diplomas on Tuesday night, at a City Hall ceremony that included congratulatory remarks from Mayor Pedro E. Segarra (pictured below), Councilman Luis Cotto, and Dr. Jose Colon-Rivas, head of the city's Office of Young Children.

Congrats to the grads: Darrel Brown, Precious Ross Ellis, Lourdes Fonseca, Monique Griffin, Virgil Griffin, Giselle Jacobs, Tandra Price, Nyrsa Segui, Lorna Shipp, April Simpson, Christina Morales Smith, Jermaine Torruella, Tanya Walker, Ida Washington, Delicia Arnold Williams, and Ivy Wilson.

Here they are! Click on a photo to enlarge it. More photos here.