Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hartford welcomes 16 new PLTI graduates

Sixteen proud Hartford parents received their PLTI diplomas on Tuesday night, at a City Hall ceremony that included congratulatory remarks from Mayor Pedro E. Segarra (pictured below), Councilman Luis Cotto, and Dr. Jose Colon-Rivas, head of the city's Office of Young Children.

Congrats to the grads: Darrel Brown, Precious Ross Ellis, Lourdes Fonseca, Monique Griffin, Virgil Griffin, Giselle Jacobs, Tandra Price, Nyrsa Segui, Lorna Shipp, April Simpson, Christina Morales Smith, Jermaine Torruella, Tanya Walker, Ida Washington, Delicia Arnold Williams, and Ivy Wilson.

Here they are! Click on a photo to enlarge it. More photos here.